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Corporate Wellness

61% of organizations have a Corporate Wellness Program because when implemented correctly can reduce health care costs significantly. A recent Aon Hewitt health care survey showed when employers affect three health risks among their population, they save $700 per employee per year. Corporate Wellness can increase employee morale and productivity as well as help retain top performers. 

I have 12 years under my belt of working with the best preventative health professionals and health programs. Being a successful sales leader at Microsoft for 13 years, I know how difficult it is to try to get employees to perform better with less. I also know how much pressure your employees are under and that many don't have the ability to cope with this stress nor reach out for help. I have years of being a leadership coach teaching leaders to be high achieving, but balanced. I am a nutritionist and Can Fit Pro Trainer. I have all the expertise to know what your employees need, and how to help them. 

You could spend thousands of dollars rolling out an employee wellness program that people may or may not use. Or you could work with me to get a highly personalized approach and get the results you need - retention and high productivity of your crucial employees.

I really care and will do whatever it takes to help. Here is what my Corporate Program includes:


  • Meet to discuss your challenges and how I can help you solve them
  • Position a wellness program that is a priveledge to the employee, you are investing in them and want them to feel supported
  • Determine the key employees that need to be engaged - high performers, high stress positions, etc.
  • Interview the employees to understand from them EXACTLY what THEY need to be less stressed and more productive:
    • This will also encompass a 90 Day Healthy Habits Plan where we ensure they are eating, sleeping, exercising to ensure they are feeling their best to do their job
    • This will also include a practical and effective stress management plan such as going for frequent walks, reaching out for help, deep breathing, etc. 
  • We identify measureables such as biomarkers (weight, cholesterol, energy levels) so we can measure success and ROI


  • We roll out a personalized plan for those employees that want to engage
  • 90 Day Programs to instill healthy habits and long term sustained success
  • By having a group they will help eachother stay on track and can have healthy competition - ie everyone wearing fitbits and encouraging eachother to do their steps
  • I would come in weekly to your organization to meet with the employee
  • I would have frequent contact with this employee over the phone and online
  • At the end of 90 Days would provide measureable report for success 


Please see Healthy Habits Plan and Plan Options for more details.