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Hi there, my name is Karen and I am 38 years old.  I am a wife and a proud mother of one son.  I have followed my passion for health, wellness and fitness            to become a successful and devoted personal trainer/health coach with multiple certifications specializing in Crossfit and nutrition.

My mission is to coach my clients and guide them towards living a healthy lifestyle while still maintaining that element of fun.  I would like to share my knowledge of wellness and proper nutrition.  Most of all, I would like for my clients to see how good food is our fuel, that appropriate choices CAN be both satisfying and nutritious.  Eating clean does NOT mean restrictions and lettuce leaves.

I grew up in Sudbury.  I was never that “sporty” girl in school and I kept to myself most of the time.  Upon completing high-school, I decided to move to Brampton as I was looking for more than what a small Northern town could offer.  It was only once I made the move to a larger city that I began to learn more about who I really was.  I began to gain some well-needed self-confidence which in turn allowed me to come out of my shell.  To pay the bills while I was searching for my path in life, I tended bar.  I purchased my first gym membership as I decided I needed some extracurricular activities to keep me busy during the day.

I was 21 and the more I went to the gym the more I fell in love with fitness.  Not only did I love working out but I felt the desire to help others develop this passion and show them that exercise is not a dreaded chore but an exhilarating reward after a hard day of life’s anxieties.  So, I decided why not do what I love for a living and my path in life landed in my lap.  I completed my personal training certification and began taking clients.  I immediately felt I was where I belonged! 

I was not long after the start of my career that I decided to train for a fitness competition as I was curious on how I could transform my body.  Since then, I have competed in several shows as I discovered that the whole process, from prep to stepping out on stage feeds my soul.

After my last competition, I felt a sense of deep accomplishment for the first time!  That small-town timid girl with zero self-confidence was long gone.  In her place was a strong and confident woman ready to finally start living every day with no regrets.  I realized that my passion for fitness runs deep and that it is truly my role in this life. 

I continue to educate myself on overall health and fitness with a specialization in nutrition.  But, I have not forgotten that I am also important and continue to constantly set myself new fitness goals that excite me and push me to live my life to its fullest.

I am lucky.  I have found a purpose that makes me feel whole:  To help people realize that a healthy and fit lifestyle is within their reach without giving up everything they love.  It is all about balance and taking the time to care for yourself.  I have learned this but it took a lot of sweat and tears.  I will motivate others to become healthy and fit, to believe in themselves and most importantly to love themselves.  I can onlyaccomplish this by being healthy and fit, by believing in myself and most importantly, loving myself.  We can all make health a priority while still having fun.