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The Best Support Possible

Once you get your plan, you need support to make it happen.  I have the knowledge and expertise in helping hundreds of people like you. I won't give up on you. Here are your amazing support options - the best you will ever experience.

Group -  Weekly 1 hour power hour sessions. I will start with education around various topics about nutrition, exercise, stress management. We will then have group discussion. You will be given exercises throughout the week. You will be surrounded by likeminded people for hope and motivation. You will be connected to our social media group for more support.  
COST: $50/month pay month to month

Individual – Weekly check ins for 45 min where we set goals, talk about challenges, and celebrate successes. I will educate you on various topics tailored to you. This is where you can feel safe to “get real”.  I will listen empathetically but challenge you to stay accountable. 
COST: $100/month pay month to month

Unlimited Individual – Weekly check ins for 45 min plus support within 24 hours. Need to email your food everyday? No problem. Struggling and need to call me? I will within 24 hours. Want to include your family in a call so they support you better? Let's do it. Need a personal trainer to come to your home? We will find the perfect one for you and negotiate the price. Whatever it takes to get you to your goal.
COST: $200/month pay month to month