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Live Seminars

Please join me through GOTO MEETING for online meetings. Sessions on various topics and then discussion on specific days and times that work for you. I will  have live sessions where you can join in at anytime during the week. These will all be recorded in case you miss them or need them through the week. 


Monday Morning 9 to 9:30 am Set Your Week off Right

Fail to Plan and Plan to Fail. Make sure you have your meal, stress, and exercise plans organized and in your calendar. Talk about anything that might get in your way during the week. Get motivated to start the week of with momentum.

Wednesday Noon Power Hour 

Need to celebrate successes? Struggling and need some help to keep on track? Need a mindfulness or breathing exercise to practise?  

Thursday evening 8 to 8:30pm Bed Time Meditation

Learn how to calm your mind and relax your body. Learn how to distract yourself from obsessive thinking so you sleep better and feel rested for following day.

Friday morning Weekend and Meal Prep call

Weekends can be tough. Join us Fridays to ensure you have a plan for the weekend, including when you are going to do meal prep and what you will need. Set up support if you know you have something like a birthday party. 



All of my seminars are quick - 20 minutes of practical information you need to know and can quickly apply to your life for success. Here are some examples:


  • What does a balanced meal look like?

  • Managing sugar levels 

  • How much protein do you need? 

  • Which foods will keep you fuller longer?

  • Making water a habit

  • Why sleep is important

  • Portion sizes and Label Reading

  • How to eat out for dinner

  • Getting vitamins and nutrients through food


  • What is the best exercise for weight loss
  • What should your heart rate be at when working out?
  • Examples of standard strengthening exercises

Stress Management:

  • Why Mindfulness is Important
  • How to be more Compassionate with yourself 
  • You dont have to be a monk to meditate - 3 min meditations
  • How to organize your day for success